Submission Guidelines


Paper size and general format Submission file format First page Abstract Formulas and symbols Units Tables Figures Contents Acknowledgement References Appendices

Paper size and general format

Manuscripts including references and abstract should be typed singles paced on A4 (210 x 297mm) the choice is what Americans call “Letter size” paper, single-sided. Manuscripts should not exceed 8-10 pages including list of references and appendices. Font and font size to be used for the manuscripts shall be ‘Arial’ and ‘11’ respectively.

Submission file format

All submission shall be in Microsoft Word or .doc format.

First page

On the first page, list the manuscript’s title and name(s) of the author(s). The title should be succinct, informative and short. Authors’ names should be listed under the title of a submission as they wish them to be published. At the bottom of the first page of the typescript, footnote stating each author’s title, current affiliation and complete address and possibly, telephone and email addresses of all authors should be included.


Each manuscript must be accompanied by a concise abstract of not more than 350 words. In the abstract a self-contained statement of the principal objectives and scope of the study or reasons the manuscript was written should be presented. The findings and conclusions should be presented concisely and informatively. At the end of the abstract five key words of the manuscript shall be presented.

Formulas and symbols

Type all formulas and identify special symbols where they first appear in text or displayed equations. All displayed equations should be numbered sequentially throughout the entire manuscript. Complex equations and figures are to be avoided as much as possible.


Use the International System of Units (SI).


Explain each table in the text and give each table a caption (title). Table should be numbered consecutively.


Clear copies are acceptable for review purposes only but only first-generation originals should be submitted with an acceptable manuscript. Give each figure a caption with consecutive numbering. Authors who wish to publish figures or charts previously in print must obtain written permission from the original publisher. Alternatively, they much clearly acknowledge source.


The contents of each manuscript shall include but not limited to abstract, introduction, problem statement, research objectives, methodology, results, discussion, conclusion, recommendations and list of references.


Include an acknowledgements section if desired to recognize any form of assistance or support needed.


To cite sources in the manuscript, use author-date method; list the last name of the authors, then the year. Harvard referencing style is recommended for all manuscripts. At the end of the manuscript right before annexes and appendices alphabetically ordered list of references has to be presented where last name of the first author comes first. All the references shall contain complete and accurate information, including name of authors, year of publication, title, volume and issue number, name and location of publisher, city of publication and inclusive page numbers.


Use appendices to record details and data that are of secondary importance to that are needed to support assertions in the text. Make sure the text contains references to all appendices.

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